Non - state pension provision

To the question „Do I have to participate in the private pension provision?” The answer is simple - „Yes!”. The content of the pension system, which operates in Ukraine now, is the fact that all the money that are enumerated by enterprises and insured persons in pension fund of Ukraine are immediately paid to the present pensioners. Trends, that are observed in our country nowadays, as in many developed countries of the world, are rather disappointing : specific gravity of working population grows short and the amount of pensioners increases. Therefore, in the future high risk, that the pension contributions of working people will not be enough to provide pensions to retirees, may appear. That is why everyone should care of deserving standard of living on a pension for themselves, and it is necessary to start thinking of it as soon as possible.


Non – state pension provision is a very efficient way of accumulation, because:

- non-state pension is paid in addition to the state one , and its size is only affected by the duration and frequency of paid, by You, pension contributions;

- there are no restrictions on the amount of contributions in non – state pension provision;

- money, accumulated on Your individual pension account, constantly "work" and an investment profit is counted on them;

- an investment profit that is counted on pension funds is not imposed to a tax from the profits of physical persons;

- you may start getting a private pension for 10 years earlier or later than the state one – exactly when it is convenient to You, or when You need to;

- in the non-state pension system is envisaged the possibility of inheritance of pension accumulations.

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