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Have you noticed that the young and energetic staff of YOUR company does not stay longer than 3 years with YOU? Have you noticed that the average age of your employees has steadily increased and, consequently, reduced vigor and aggressive behavior of your company on the market? You are able to change that by providing your employees with a decent non-state pension.


Participation of the company in private pension provision apart main tasks will ensure YOU to:


  • attract and secure the best staff in the company by creating attractive material and social conditions for highly skilled workers;
  • increase the social attractiveness of the enterprise, to form its positive image and credibility of its management;
  • increase the motivation of workers using a differentiated approach to the level of pension contributions in their favor, including age, length of service in the enterprise and other indicators characterizing the value of the individual worker to the company;
  • to develop among employees a sense of social partnership and personal support from the leadership of the company;
  • have a flexible and efficient mechanism of HR, not burdened by taxes and social contributions;
  • create a source of additional state pension.


In addition, participation in private pension provision will enable the company to:


  • attract additional investment resources on the development of the company (up to 5% of the total assets of private pension funds by purchasing securities of the company, in case that they meet the legal requirements for such securities);
  • reduce company taxation by allocating pension contributions (if the amount does not exceed 15% of the employee's salary) to the gross costs of the enterprise;
  • reduce the amount of obligatory social charges on payroll.



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