For those who work abroad

Unfortunately, the reality of our life is disappointing: many of our citizens for various reasons live and work abroad. However, there is no doubt that the day will come when you wouldn’t be able or will not want to work away from home. So what a person who decides to return to the native country can expect?


The Law of Ukraine "On Compulsory State Pension Insurance" provides the right to retire on age: for men - 60 years, for women - 55 years (it is planned to increase this age in the future) at presence of insurance experience at least 5 years. Insurance experience is a period (term) during which a person was a subject of a state social insurance, that has paid or in favor of whom the contributions on obligatory state pension insurance in obedience to a legislation were paid. Insurance payments are the money prepaid on obligatory state pension insurance. Minimum size of insurance payment is calculated on the minimum wage set by the state. The minimum size of such a pension is set at (cannot be lower) than the monthly subsistence minimum for persons unable to work, of January 1 of the current financial year (of January 1, 2015 this amount was 949 USD.).


However, if you have worked illegally (not paying taxes) or your employer did not enumerate insurance payments for you (a salary was paid in "envelopes") or you have worked in a country with which Ukraine has no agreements on mutual recognition of insurance period, your monthly contribution to the Pension fund of Ukraine will be zero. So, returning to the well-deserved rest in Ukraine, you risk being left without a decent pension, or, in the best case, receive a minimum set by the state.


Looking at the faces of our western and retirees is one question: "Why?" After giving work best years of his life, regularly paying taxes, everyone is entitled to a decent pension. However, they were able to advance to take care of his pension and our citizens - no. Therefore it is necessary to reflect on the issue of pensions even when you are full of strength and energy. Moreover, the state provides every citizen of Ukraine, wherever he lives and works, the right to create for themselves a strong material foundation for ensuring a decent standard of living on retirement.


Non - enterprising Institution "Open pension fund" Social Perspective "offers all citizens of Ukraine a unique opportunity – while working abroad, you can become a member of our Foundation and make pension contributions in your favor. Pension contributions, from abroad can be made in any currency, but on your individual pension account, under the law, they will be accounted in national currency.

How to become a participant of the Fund, you can find in a division to "Become a contributor" (for individuals). Despite the fact that you live and work abroad, while participating in NI "OPF" Social Perspective" You get the same rights and opportunities as the other participants of the Fund. So we offer you to make real steps to meet your old age, and not to be left alone with the promises of the state and its subsistence minimum.

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