For legal entities

NT "OPF "Social Perspective" offers you to become an investor of the Fund and take advantage of all the benefits of the pension program. Pension program - a unique opportunity to stimulate employees without using significant resources because:


Contributions to NT "OPF" Social Perspective " in a cashless form are transferred on the basis of the pension contract.


If you decided to participate in the NT "OPF "Social Perspective", You need to do the following steps:

1.    The owner (or authorized body by the founder) makes a decision of the participatio of the company in NT "OPF "Social Perspective". If necessary, our specialists are ready to make a presentation at YOUR enterprise on the private pension system and answer all YOUR questions, providing assistance in the development of pension program for YOUR company.

2.    You are getting acquainted with the conditions of participation and pension schemes. For investors - legal entities, NT "OPF" Social Perspective "offers a choice of two pension schemes.

3.    Between the administrator of the Fund and investor an Agreement on information exchange is concluded (hereinafter - Agreement) and the Instruction on Information Exchange, is signed, which is an essential complement to the Agreement of information exchange and defines the mechanism, timing and procedure for the exchange of information necessary for the proper performance of the contract.

4.    For the conclusion of the pension contract. You are reporting to the administrator the number of chosen pension scheme and creating a list of employees for whom pension contributions are paid. In addition, you must provide the administrator of the Fund the following documents:

6.    Conclusion of pension contracts for your employees who acquire the status of Members of the Fund.

7.    Transfer of pension contributions in favor of employees in the amount and timing according to the chosen pension scheme.

8.    Every time you recalculate pension contributions you provide administrator with the Statement of personification of pension contributions and the relevant supporting document for such information, certified with the signatures of the officials and the seal.



Contacts of the administrator of OPF "Social Perspective"

Теl.: 044 362 83 48

Теl.: 0342 527 408


Liliia Holovko : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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