Brokerage services

Today brokerage (investment in shares of Ukrainian companies) is the most optimal personal capital management tool, for those who are not satisfied by only bank deposits.

Investing in shares is highly liquid management tool due to the possibility of a quick realization of the securities on the stock market, what provides the receipt of higher incomes, than at the usage of traditional sources of investing.

If YOU are looking for new opportunities to preserve and increase your assets, brokerage is just for YOU.

Ltd. "AMC" Western investment group" offers the following brokerage services:

  • Integrated service, which includes the purchase and sale, as well as exchange of securities of Ukrainian issuers on behalf of the client;
  • Conducting exchange and OTC transactions with securities of Ukrainian issuers;
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for the transactions;
  • Provision of information on current quotes;
  • Creation of “brief-case” of clients taking into accountindividual necessities and features;
  • Providing customers with the information about the market value of their “brief-case” and / or its individual components.


Carrying out all operations, from securities trading services to the securities account, within one structure allows to conduct transaction quickly, efficiently and with minimum charges.


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