Trust management

In today's economy, more people are beginning to think about the safety of their savings from inflation. Hoping to stop the depreciation of money, some people convert national currency in foreign, but this method does not guarantee the stability of preservation of their value, as foreign currencies are also subjected to inflation and foreign exchange fluctuations.

Of course, in order to preserve money from inflation You can always use services of the banks, putting money in a deposit account at a fixed percentage. However, for those who are looking for alternative and more lucrative ways to save and increase own capital, there is the possibility to invest in securities.

Investing on the stock market can bring real income, but it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge and be able to analyze the market situation as well as having enough time.


That is why «Western Investment Group» offers its clients trust management.


This service is developed by professional managers and analysts of the company, which aims to provide more investment opportunities for private and institutional clients. Capital management is carried out by an experienced team of managers based on proven and effective strategies using a wide range of financial instruments and advanced techniques of risk management.


The basic task of the «Western investment group» consists in providing saving and increase of material welfare of the investors.




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